Encinitas Photo has proudly been serving the photographic community of North County San Diego since 1983. Encinitas Photo has been at the same Encinitas location on Coast Highway 101 in the Lumberyard Shopping Center it opened in 1983. Encinitas Photo was at the same location on Coast Hwy.101 since it opened in 1983.  In September 2023 Encinitas Photo moved to our new location at 112 Encinitas Blvd in the Lazy Acres Shopping Center. Over the years this resilient photo shop has adapted to the many changes in trends of technology in the photographic industry.

During the early years the photo industry was completely film dominated, so film developing services with fast turnaround and good quality was expected by our customers.

When digital cameras began to be popular, Encinitas Photo had to face new challenges and had to quickly adapt to the new technology. As digital quality advanced and the quality of digital kept improving, it seemed that new cameras were introduced every few months, each with better quality and more features. In the early days of digital, it was Encinitas Photo’s job to keep our customers informed on the latest digital technology, and to advise on which products would be best to purchase, and not become obsolete when the next new technology was introduced.

Now with the resurgence of the popularity of film again, Encinitas Photo has gone full circle with film cameras and film, developing services being an important part of our offerings to customers, along with newer digital technologies.

Not only has Encinitas Photo kept up with the latest film and digital trends over the years with camera sales, services, and camera repairs, we have also kept up with the latest image archiving technologies. Encinitas Photo specializes in scanning and archiving old photos, negatives, and slides. We also offer a variety of custom printing services, from digital files, film negatives, and slides.

As part of our photo restoration services, Encinitas Photo also offers digital retouching to help restore and enhance our customer’s to the best quality possible.

As part of our archiving services, Encinitas Photo also transfers old 8mm and 16mm movies to DVD. We also transfer video tape to DVD, and to other digital formats.

Encinitas Photo stocks a large variety of photographic accessories such as camera lenses, tripods, camera bags and backpacks, lighting equipment, camera batteries, battery chargers, binoculars, light stands, reflectors, and video accessories.

Encinitas Photo also sells all types of memory cards for your digital cameras and all types of color and B&W film for your film cameras. We also sell all types of instant films such as Polaroid and Fuji Instax films.

Photographic services include instant passport photos and visa photos, as well as business portraits for professionals.

Encinitas Photo also offers camera instructions and lessons for both digital and film cameras.